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The Milan Headquarters cover 42.000 square meters of total surface and it’s fitted with the latest equipment, among which high precision electronic and confocal microscopes, that allow researchers to view the morphology of diseased cells . We also have mass spectrometry instruments, to identify and characterize proteins.

The new headquarters in Milan started its activities on June 2007. In approximately 25.000 square meters (the campus measures 42.000 square mt.) new laboratories and offices have been set up, fitted with the latest equipment, in order to develop new lines of research.
The building hosts 2 conference halls (600 places total), 6 meeting rooms (60 places total), a multimedia hall, a computerized library (400 sq. mt.), a residence for foreign researchers and Italian visitors coming to the Institute (33 apartments).

The Milan Headquarters of the Mario Negri Institute has over 550 people in its staff  and since 1963 over 7.000 young researchers trained here (with diplomas, bachelor's degrees, laboratory technicians, PhD students), while 90 students obtained their PhD.

The Mario Negri Institute laboratories in Bergamo are located in the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park, and cover 5.958 sq.meters.
The center currently employs around 100 people, and is fitted out with the latest equipment and services such as electron and confocal microscopy, sterilized rooms for cell cultures, laboratories for studying cellular and molecular biology, and instruments for pharmacological dosing.
The building hosts a 90-seat conference room equipped for video-conferences with the institute's other locations, as well as three other, smaller meeting rooms.

The Ranica headquarters at Villa Camozzi cover an area of 9.500 sq. meters surrounded by a 60.000 sq. meter park. The center emplys more than 100 people and is equipped with laboratories, a day hospital, several training and meeting rooms, and a 140-seat conference room. There is also a residence with rooms to accommodate foreign scientists for short periods  while they are at the Daccò Center to work or study.

In over 30 years, , educational programs in the Bergamo and Ranica locations have involved more than 1000 young people, from graduate students, laboratory technicians and nurses to Ph.D. students.