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Connected centres

Centres and Groups that have been created also by the Mario Negri Institute and that collaborate with it

IFOM (The FIRC Molecular Oncology Institute)

Some Mario Negri researchers, coordinated by Dr. Elisabetta Dejana, work at IFOM, which seek to develop and apply advanced molecular technologies to identify new targets for the diagnosis and treatment of tumors.
For additional information please visit the website www.ifom.eu


M.I.A. Consortium - Microscopy and Image Analysis

The Mario Negri Institute is one of the founders of the M.I.A. Consortium (Microscopy and Image Analysis). The Consortium is a not-for-profit organization, working for Medical Research and Industry.
It was founded in Monza in 2002. It builds on the experience begun in the mid nineties under the name of Open Laboratory M.I.A.
Since 1995 MIA team has been working with outstanding groups of researchers, providing them with morphological support and contributing to 82 articles published in the most prestigious international scientific magazines (Average Impact factor: 9) It takes part in a range of initiatives to communicate information about research.
It provides support morphology using optical, transmission and scanning electron microscopy It supports customers with cutting edge tools, technologies and application solutions to ensure success in research, development and production. It helps customers who need to confront challenging human health issues.
For more information please visit the M.I.A. website: http://www.consorziomia.org/