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Is it a public or a private organization?

The Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research is a private, not-for-profit medical research center, recognised in 1961 by an Italian presidential decree.
It is completely independent of industry, universities and the State. It is free of burocratic shackles and political pressure and boasts the efficiency of a private organisation, taking the approach of “private enterprise serving the public interest”.   The results of all work are published, hence freely available to the public, and no patents are taken out.

A nine-man Board of Trustees, set up according to Mario Negri’s will, ensures this basic policy is applied at all times.   One Board member is from the Founders’ family, and the others are distinguished Milanese citizens representing medicine, science, higher education, laz, economics and culture.
Administration of the Institute’s financial affairs is controlled by a board of internal auditors and a firm of international auditors, who keep a sharp eye on the Institute’s not-for-profit status.