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The structure of the Institute

The Mario Negri Institute has three centers: Milan, Bergamo and Ranica (Bg) and employs about 500 people.
In Milan the Institute is made up of 6 departments, comprising Laboratories and operating Units, offices and services. 
The new headquarters in Milan started its activities on June 2007. In approximately 25.000 square mt. (the whole campus measures 42.000 square mt.) new laboratories and offices have been set up, fitted with the latest equipment, in order to develop new lines of research.
The building hosts 2 conference halls (600 places total), 6 meeting rooms (60 places total),  a multimedia room, a computerized library (400 square mt.) and a residence for foreign researchers and Italian visitors coming to the Institute (33 apartments).

In Bergamo, the Institute has 2 locations: the Anna Maria Astori Center, allocated in a 6.000 square mt. building, inside the Science and Technology Park Kilometro Rosso and the Clinical Research Center for Rare Diseases “Aldo e Cele Daccò”, located in Ranica (BG) at Villa Camozzi, a ninetheenth century villa with an area of 9.500 square mt.
In Bergamo locations thare are 3 departments. Both the locations have a conference room, several meeting rooms and a computerized library.