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The numbers of our activity

About  700 people work at the Mario Negri Institute.
Over 14.000 scientific publications,  4841 articles for popular publication and over 259 volumes have been published.
The Mario Negri Institute has three headquarters: Milan, Bergamo and Ranica (BG).
The total surface of its campuses is over 45.000 sq.m. and it is organized in 10 Departments and 50 Laboratories.


Our numbers: scientific studies and publications

6330 research projects  (clinical, experimental, national and international)
413.615  citations for our scientific publications
246 h-Index
41.68 citations per article on average


Our numbers: educational activities

8.443       scholarships awarded, of which 855 to foreign researchers 
1034        young researchers trained here (Biochemical resaearch Technicians, Biomedical research Specialists and SAFA)
107          students obtained their PhD
29            diplomas granted for the Corso di Perfezionamento in Scienze Farmacologiche
80            graduates obtained the Master di 1° livello in ricerca Clinica
16            Clinical Monitor certifications granted

Our numbers: Milan headquarters
53           years of activity
42.000   sq.m. total surface
2             coonference halls (400 and 200 seats)
6             meeting rooms (60 seats)
1             media room
1             computerized library, 400 sq. m.
1             residence with 33 mini-apartments


Our numbers: Bergamo and Ranica headquarters
>300      international research projects
1.028     meetings and conferences organized
2.286     lectures invited at international congresses
260        scientists from 60 Countries that studied in our laboratories
2            conference rooms (140 and 90 seats)

(Last updated:  November 2017)