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Laboratory of Lifestyle Empidemiology

The main research topics of the Laboratory of Lifestyle Epidemiology include the study of the most important avoidable risk factors for cancer, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. Thus, the Laboratory monitors the prevalence and trends of tobacco smoking (also second-hand smoke), use of electronic cigarettes, alcohol consumption and obesity in Italy and Europe. The Laboratory also conducts various analytical epidemiological studies (case-control and cohort studies) on the association between multiple factors, including smoking, alcohol, obesity and diet, and the risk of various diseases. In particular, the Laboratory is involved in studies aimed at increasing knowledge on the epidemiology of tinnitus, which is a disease still poorly studied despite its large prevalence.

The Laboratory is currently involved in several Italian and European projects, and collaborates with distinguished national and international experts in the field of tobacco control and the study of tinnitus. In particular, within the TackSHS Project (Horizon-2020 project supported by the European Community, EC), it coordinates a Work-Package (WP) to conduct a survey on second-hand smoke in 12 EU countries; moreover, it coordinates, together with the Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry, a WP within a Joint Action project, also supported by the EC, on tobacco and e-cigarette ingredients, in order to establish the requirements for independent testing laboratories.