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Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology

Thee research activity is focused on monitoring of the risk factors affecting human health, environment and work place (dioxins, PCB, PAH, endocrine disruptors, pesticides, heavy metals, etc) and assessment of the exposure to the population and environment, also through in silico and in vitro methods. On the basis of the exposure campaigns and of the effects we get the risk assessment, through an integrated algorithm. Software to assess effects on the health and environment has been developed in collaboration with the US EPA and European authorities (www.vega-qsar.eu; www.toxread.eu). 

Main research projects:

Project EU-ToxRisk: read more http://www.eu-toxrisk.eu/
Project COBRA:
read more http://www.cobralifeproject.eu/en/
Project Lowbrasys: read more http://www.lowbrasys.eu/en/
Project InREACH: read more http://www.inreachproject.eu/
Project PEPTICAPS: read more http://www.pepticaps.eu/
Project COMBASE: read more www.life-combase.com
Project in3: read more http://estiv.org/in3/

Selected publications

  • Code: 15442
    Gissi A, Lombardo A, Roncaglioni A, Gadaleta D, Mangiatordi G F, Nicolotti O, Benfenati E
    Evaluation and comparison of benchmark QSAR models to predict a relevant REACH endpoint:The bioconcentration factor(BCF)
    Environ Res 2015; 137: 398-409
    IF: 3.088
    Status: Published
    PubMed icon
  • Code: 15436
    Gonella Diaza R, Manganelli S, Esposito A, Roncaglioni A, Manganaro A, Benfenati E
    Comparison of in silico tools for evaluating rat oral acute toxicity
    SAR QSAR Environ Res 2015; 26: 1-27
    IF: 1.897
    Status: Published
    PubMed icon
  • Code: 15515
    Gini G, Franchi A M, Manganaro A, Golbamaki Bakhtyari A, Benfenati E
    ToxRead: A tool to assist in read across and its use to assess mutagenicity of chemicals
    SAR QSAR Environ Res 2014; 25: 999-1011
    IF: 1.596
    Status: Published
    PubMed icon
  • Code: 15139
    Baderna D, Colombo A, Romeo M, Cambria F, Teoldi F, Lodi M, Diomede L, Benfenati E
    Soil quality in the Lomellina area using in vitro models and ecotoxicological assays
    Environ Res 2014; 133: 220-231
    IF: 4.373
    Status: Published
    PubMed icon