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Molecular Pharmacology

The Laboratory investigates the predictive and prognostic role of molecular alterations (mutations, amplifications, translocations, DNA methylation) in several genes in patients with lung cancer and is involved in generating cellular models recapitulating the major molecular alterations found in patients.
Furthermore the laboratory is involved in the generation of tumor models of ovarian cancer and thymomas obtained by directly implanting in immunodeficient mice tumor fragments derived from patients and in the screening of siRNA libraries to identify genes in synthetic lethality, with the aim of defining combinations with potentially more effective and less toxic activity than the so far available.

Main research projects:
Strategies to target tumors with activated PI3K and K-RAS pathways.
- Targeting KRAS mutations in NSCLC through LKB1 co-vulnerability
- Role of epithelial to mesenchimal transition and stemness in resistance to chemotherapy of ovarian carcinoma
- Inhibition of Chk1 and Wee1 as a new therapeutic approach in aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphomas.
- New combination strategies for the treatment of human solid tumors in immunodeficient mice.