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General Epidemiology

The Laboratory is involved in the epidemiology of several common cancers and other chronic diseases. In particular, it investigates the association with diet, nutrition, tobacco, alcohol, obesity, diabetes, use of drugs, exposure to various environmental and occupational factors and genetic/familial factors through the conduction of observational studies, systematic reviews and meta-analyses of published studies. Moreover, the Laboratory is involved in the monitoring of tobacco smoking in Italy and Europe. Among other activities there is the investigation of the hygiene hypothesis, postulating the paradoxical protective role of infections on immune-mediated diseases including atopy.

Main research project:
•    Advancing the aetiology of soft tissue sarcoma: risk factors in an epidemiological interdisciplinary study
•    International consortium of epidemiological studies “Stomach cancer Pooling (StoP) Project”
•    Impact of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and antidiabetic therapy on cancer risk
•    The hygiene hypothesis: revisiting the concept by integrating epidemiology and mechanistic studies