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Laboratory of International Relations Office of Rare Diseases

At the international level, the commitment of the Institute in the field of rare diseases and orphan drugs has remained constant over the years, as evidenced by the organization of high level meetings, starting with the first "International Symposium on rare diseases and orphan drugs" (Lancet 1994 343:8912 , 1560-1561), from participation in numerous projects on rare diseases, the recognition in 2000 as the "Postgraduate training on rare diseases" by the European Commission (Contract No. QLK4 - 1999-50547), the partecipation in first Rare Disease Task Force working group.

The Laboratory of International Relations Office of Rare Diseases was created as an evolution of the previous laboratory dedicated to information on rare diseases and represents the needs to the international dimension, especially in Europe, of our initiatives on rare diseases.


Research Report 2017


Selected publications

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