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Centro Anna Maria Astori

via Stezzano, 87
24126 Bergamo, Italy
+39 035 42131
+39 035 319331

The Mario Negri Institute laboratories in Bergamo are located in the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park, and are dedicated to Anna Maria Astori, the noblewoman benefactress whose generous bequest allowed its construction.
The main research areas of the Anna Maria Astori Center include kidney diseases and diabetes, organ transplantation immunology, clinical pharmacology, molecular and regenerative medicine, bioengineering, some aspects of cancer metastasis, and rare diseases.
In the Bergamo location there are:
- the Molecular Medicine Department
- the Biomedical Engineering Department
- the Tumor Angiogenesis Unit, of the Oncology Department, which is located in Milan

Currently, the center employs around 100 people, and is fitted out with the latest equipment and services such as electron and confocal microscopy, sterilized rooms for cell cultures, laboratories for studying cellular and molecular biology and instruments for pharmacological dosing.  

Besides the research activities, specific training programs aimed at young graduates are active, through Ph.D. courses and graduate regional courses.

Since the institute became active, in 1984, Mario Negri Bergamo scientists have published more than 1.700 articles in international scientific journals and have been invited to give 2.000 lectures at international and national meetings. Between graduate students, nurses and Ph.D. students,  educational programs have involved more than 1.000 young people.

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