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Contributions and donations

 Support for research is an investment to improve your and your children’s lives


Any contributions from public bodies or private citizens to the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, as gifts or donations, or in wills, all help boost our research programs aimed at helping understand serious human diseases better.  

Your generosity can also provide young scientists with study grants to prepare them for their role in the research of the future.
The Institute is a private foundation for scientific research, and in Italy donations from companies or other businesses can be deducted from tax for a total of up to 2% of the declared income (under Art.100, Italian DPR 917/1986).  

Since 2006 individual donors have also been able to assign their 5%  tax allowance to the Mario Negri Institute.  

Contributions from donors in the United States of America can be channeled through the Mario Negri Institute Foundation


Legacies and donations of assets

Legacies, donations of assets and gifts of any sort to the Mario Negri Institute are not subject to inheritance or gift taxes or the register stamp tax (Italian art.3D. L.vo 346/1990).