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Tax deductibility

For legal and tax purposes, under Italian law, Mario Negri Institute is considered to be a not-for-profit entity established for the purposes of scientific research (Gazzetta Ufficiale serie generale n. 181 del 3 agosto 2013).  

Donations to the institute are therefore tax deductible as follows:
- for natural persons, donations equal to a maximum value of 10% of their income are deductible from their declared income, with an upper limit of €70.000.
- for corporate entities, donations/contributions are 100% tax deductible and are not limited to the standard 2 % limit of  their earnings in tax deductions

Bequests and inheritances
Under Italian law (art. 3 D. L.vo 346/1990), bequests, donations and capital donations of any kind in favor of the Institute by individuals are exempt from inheritance and gift taxes and from registration tax.