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International Cooperations

The Institute is Italian by birth and constitution, as are its governing bodies and most senior staff.   It therefore naturally works in close cooperation with the main Italian scientific bodies.   However, based on the principle that research knows no frontiers, the Institute has always been a vigorous member of the international scientific community and foreign scientists have always been welcome.


The results of the scientific work are regularly published in leading international journals.   The Institute has organized 81 international meetings, whose proceedings have been distributed throughout the world.   More than 11,200 scientists from more than 35 countries have attended these conferences.  


This activity is backed by a network of individual contacts with research scientists in many countries, and by regular cooperation arrangements with foreign universities and international organizations such as the World Health Organisation, the European Union, the European Organization for Research on Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), EMEA, the American National Institutes of Health, and the Weizmann Institute in Israel.






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