Advanced School in Applied Pharmacology

Who can apply
Course duration and description
Course Admission
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Who can apply

Graduates (Bachelor or five-year degree) in scientific disciplines (or similar), with adequate research experience and who have already attended courses at the Institute.

Course duration and description

The course lasts 2 years.

SAFA’s main objective is train young researchers in the field of pharmacology. The program is based on the general concept  of “on the job training”, meaning that there will be no specific didactic activities but rather a very intense interaction between the student’s academic experience and the practical experience that candidates will gain at the Institute.

Each student is put in a research group and is actively involved in current project giving them the opportunity to participate in the planning, execution and critical evaluation of the experiments. Even if practical experience is essential, our teachers put great emphasis on the student’s cultural training which is developed in three steps.

First, the laboratory level, where the student participates in a specific research project and has the chance to analyze  scientific literature using international databases.

The second level is represented by the seminars organized by the Institute and its various departments. During these meetings students are introduced to topics that are not in their immediate scientific field of interest, allowing them to expand their cultural backgound.

The third level is represented by single-subject courses on specific topics.

The multidisciplinary environment at the Institute also allows students to interact with different research groups and with very heterogeneous themes, from molecular biology to clinical experimentation to epidemiology.

At the end of the two years students are expected to be able to autonomously plan and carry out their own research activity even using innovative techniques. During the course students have the opportunity to participate in the preparation of articles in English to be submitted to international scientific journals and to prepare research proposals for public and private organizations (both domestic and international).

Students are also expected to attend lessons, seminars, courses and congresses organized by the Institute as well as scientific presentations from the Institute researchers.  These are all important educational opportunities and attendance is compulsory for all the students.

Students are encouraged and trained by the Director of Studies to present their data at the Institute’s internal seminars and at national and international congresses.

In order to complete the students’ training, they can make full use of the Institute’s well-stocked library. Students also can  directly access the main international scientific journals, in order to keep up to date not only in their specific field.  

Course Admission

Admission is by examination and is based on a call. The candidate will take an examination and an oral interview at the reference venue. Applications for admission must be sent, by the date (and in the manner) indicated in the notice to:

Final examinations

At the end of the two-year course the student will present his thesis to an examiner that is also a senior scientific researcher from the Mario Negri Institute.

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