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Considering the different levels of organisation in biology, from cells up to the whole organism, biological systems are very complex networks comprising several andi interacting components.

Understanding the behaviour of the system as a whole analyzing its components and their interactions is a difficult, if not impossible, task using intuition alone. To face this challenge, this laboratory investigates the entire biological system and its networks rather than its individual components.


Study of drug interactions in elderly patients undergoing polytherapy

We perform the network analysis to study polytherapy in elderly patients (in collaboration with the Department of Neuroscience) starting from the data collected in administrative prescription databases. To this purpose, we are developing and validating algorithms that allow the prediction of possible adverse effects in multidrug therapies.

Study of the interactions in biological processes through molecular networks analysis

We aim to investigate how gene mutations affect biological processes in the cell. To this purpose, we employ the network analysis, by developing algorithms that connect the structural interactions between proteins and the effects on their function.

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International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

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