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Mario Negri Milan

Institute Mario Negri Milan

After 44 years of activity in the first historic building in Via Eritrea, in Milan, the Istituto Mario Negri since June 2007 has moved to a new and modern location in Milan, in the bovisa district, right next to the Polytechnic.

The new headquarters occupies a total area of 42,000 square meters of campus and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, including high-precision electronic and confocal microscopes, to visualize the morphology of sick cells and to understand their malfunction and instruments of mass spectrometry, for the identification and characterization of proteins.

The building has 2 conference rooms (for 400 and 200 people), 6 meeting rooms for 60 people, a multimedia room, a library of 400 square meters and a residence consisting of 33 mini-rooms apartments to accommodate foreign and Italian researchers working in the Institute.

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Head Office
Mario Negri Milan
Address Via Mario Negri, 2 20156 Milano
Fax +39 02 3546277

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