Support research,
support life.

The Mario Negri Institute researches the causes
and possible therapies for various illnesses.
In 50 years of activity the Institute has always
worked for the good of human health.

How to support us

Bank Transfer

Small or large gifts from private supporters are particularly appreciated as not only do they show the donor’s awareness of the need to boost scientific research and maintain teaching programs, but they encourage all the scientists at the Institute to keep working for the good of human health.

Under Italian law (art. 3 D. L.vo 346/1990) donations and capital donations of any kind in favor of the Institute by individuals are exempt from inheritance and gift taxes and from registration tax.

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Making a will for the Mario Negri Institute can be of great help for the progress of science.
The legacies of the Mario Negri Institute are not burdened by inheritance taxes.

Under Italian law (art. 3 D. L.vo 346/1990), bequests, in favor of the Institute by individuals are exempt from inheritance and gift taxes and from registration tax.

Bomboniere solidali e biglietti d’auguri

Un matrimonio, una nascita, o un’altra ricorrenza felice della vita sono il momento migliore per testimoniare concretamente la solidarietà agli altri sostenendo la ricerca per vincere le malattie.

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What we could do with your support

In 55 years of activity we have has always worked for the good of human health.

Cardiovascular diseases

We introduced into clinical practice a drug for treating patients following aheart attack, which has saved millions of lives.


We developed a new drug, trabectedina, which has improved survival outcomes for patients with a rare form of sarcoma.

Kidney diseases

We have reduced the need for dialysis for patients with chronic kidney disease, improved quality of life for transplant recipients and increased the availability of organs for transplant by expanding the donor pool to include older donors.

Rare diseases

We have been involved – directly and indirectly – in the care of 27.000 patients diagnosed with one of 1.000 rare diseases. We have discovered 800 genetic mutations that contribute to causing these diseases, and in some cases have found treatments for them.

Nervous system diseases

We have made several discoveries regarding the role that inflammation plays in a range of neurological diseases, including epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease, and made a number of therapeutic recommendations.

Environmental issues

We introduced a new method for measuring the use of illegal substances in a population by analysing urban wastewater in order to monitor the use of these substances and to help prevent the introduction of new illegal drugs.

Public health

We have contributed to educating the public about the appropriate use of drugs and medications, with a special emphasis on children, adolescents and elderlypeople. Thanks to our public information campaigns, we have contributed to raising awareness among the public and healthcare providers of the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.

Associations supporting the Mario Negri Institute

To date there are more than 30 organisations - associations, non-profit organisations and foundations -that support the Institute through the donation of funds, scholarships and the purchase of scientific equipment, thus ensuring a significant contribution to the continuation of the many research activities.

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